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Rich Donegan

Senior Product Manager & Solutions Specialist

I want to provide “peace of mind” in regards to your company’s technology so that you can focus on your company’s more profitable initiatives while we manage your backend technology. I’d like us to figure how your technology can make those profitable initiatives easier to achieve and more profitable.

I have over 23 years of Advanced IT Service experience, technology design, and hardware solutions. Infinit’s goal is for us to become a trusted advisor and an extension of your current workforce. My job is to assemble a strategic team to assess your business as it is today, understand the direction your company is headed, and work with your company to leverage your technology so you can meet those objectives.

We provide a different type of managed technology service for our customers… something we call “Advanced IT Services” (or AIS). AIS is an end to end solution for your company’s technology management that provides more than the typical MSP offering. And we do it without “nickel and diming” you every month with those added hourly costs that your typical managed service provider charges you on top of your monthly fee.

My Belief:

Give the client the best solution for the best value!


  • Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA)
  • Cisco CSE – Data Center Networking Solutions
  • Cisco CSE – Advanced Routing & Switching

For Fun:

  • I’m a certified scuba diver
  • I’ve gone skydiving (and bungee jumping)
  • I can sneeze with my eyes open.


About Infinit
Infinit Technology Solutions is an engineering company that provides Advanced IT Services and hardware solutions. We partner with world-class manufacturers to assess, plan and develop solutions that work best for a particular environment.