Infinit Snippet

July 27, 2020 – Get Your Etiquette On

Being in an online meeting, chat, worship session, sports event, concert, class, doctor visit is commonplace. So much so that many folks it seems have, well…. let themselves get a little lazy about their online etiquette.

Its’ been a while since we touched on this, so I thought it might be a good time for a quick refresher!

Start on Time
If you are working from home and quarantined, it’s not like there is any place else to go. I sit in more online sessions where I hear “we’re just going to give folks a few more minutes”. What? Why? The session starts at 10:15 AM – start it at 10:15 AM. Where do you think we are, a doctor’s office?

Shut the Door
When all this started it was kinda cute to see your half-naked 3-year old on camera or Snuggles your pet ferret hanging out on the keyboard. Now, frankly, its’ more than distracting, it’s annoying. Close the door to your “office” at least until you hear something break or the cat shriek.

Lights, Camera, Action
If it is important enough to attend the meeting, then it is important enough to turn on the camera. Having a picture of your boat, or pet kangaroo or your avatar is just not acceptable anymore. If you are that worried about your hair…then, like…comb it? Wear a hat? Shave your head?

Stand Still
This is a meeting, not a Disney ride. Don’t be walking around or jiggling the laptop on your lap. And if you are outside, can you set up so that we don’t see your un-mowed lawn, or your neighbor’s un-mowed lawn.

No Munching
Simply put, don’t eat while you are on a call. A lot of folks are using headsets now that can pick up the sound of a chipmunk scratching. Hearing you chomp on your Doritos is like listening to carpenter ants chewing through a wooden eye beam.

Listen First
Being in an online session isn’t like being next to someone face-to-face. There is often a slight delay when someone’s speaking. You want to at least give them a chance to finish their sentence before jumping in. At times it feels like I am m in the game room at a retirement home. “Huh?” “What did you say?” “Can you repeat that?” “Who is this?”.

And if you need a hand tuning up your laptop or wi-fi, chat-up our Resource Team at or visit them at No charge, no obligation, just people helping people.

Take care – stay safe – stay cool!

John Spiridigliozzi aka JohnS
(Chief Operating Officer and  Part Time Writer)