What Is Multi-Factor Authentication, and Does Your Business Need It?

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Security

Providing an effective method for ensuring that only authorized access can reach your business network has always been difficult. It is now even more so due to the extent of remote work in many environments. One effective solution is multi-factor authentication, a security method that reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

How Multi-Factor Authentication Helps Organizational Security

Multi-factor authentication serves to address some of the most exploitable gaps in any organization’s security. It ensures that only authorized users are accessing endpoints. That prevents both unauthorized access through endpoints by third parties and access through unauthorized devices by users.

The first scenario presents an obvious security benefit. Unauthorized access is a serious security problem, and access through endpoints is the easiest way to accomplish it. If an employee loses a device that contains login credentials, anyone in possession of the device may access the network, data, and services of the organization.

Multi-factor authentication makes having the device alone insufficient for access. Without the necessary pin, password, or access to a secondary device through which notifications are received, they will not access the network. They will also require a secondary verification method unique to the user.

The second category also provides significant security by preventing users from accessing the network on unauthorized devices. These devices may have security flaws of their own, including out-of-date software that introduces weak points to the network. Multi-factor authentication serves to increase security along multiple fronts.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication incorporates many different controls to ensure security. The key is that a password is no longer the sole credential required for access. Some forms of multi-factor authentication can include codes sent through SMS or email, integrated verification apps, or more advanced measures like biometrics.

Determining the right combination of authentication methods will vary between organizations. A solution can work for any business looking to improve security around their network access credentials.

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Duo provides effective implementation of multi-factor authentication within their security models. This multi-factor authentication is both reliable and easy to manage for IT. Centralized control and features like auto-enrollments, administrative APIs, and synchronizing users from existing directories make it easy for any business to implement Duo multi-factor authentication.

So what is multi-factor authentication with Duo like? It makes it easy to use on multiple devices with the Duo Push system. When logging in to any network or system, the Duo Push system allows users to notify their Duo Mobile authentication app for verification that the access is authorized making having the device alone insufficient for access. 

Infinit Technology Solutions

Infinit Technology Solutions can implement an effective security plan for your organization that implements multi-factor authentication. If you think multi-factor authentication might be right for you, you can read more in the Cisco Duo Evaluation Guide to learn more, or you can take advantage of your Duo free trial.